The worst souvenir you can bring back is a medical bill or worse…. a MEDICAL EVACUATION that can break your bank account! (yes, medical evacuations can cost $100,000 and more!)

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1) Protect your trip investment from uncertainty
2) Medicare does not protect you overseas
3) We are experts in travel insurance!
4) Call one of our licensed agents for personalized service!

Ask Yourself These Questions: 
• Can I afford to lose the money I’ve invested on my trip?
• What if I had to cancel, interrupt, or delay a trip?
• What if my baggage is lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed?
• What if I got sick while traveling?
• Could I personally afford to pay up to $20,000 to be medically evacuated?
• Would my family be provided for in the event of an accident or air disaster?

Do accidents happen? 
Do Tour Operators and Cruise Lines go out of business?
You have more important things to worry about…and a trip to plan. Plan to protect yourself and your investment with an affordable Protection Plan from Insurance Consultants International.

We are Travel Insurance/Trip Cancellation Brokers who will shop the market to find the best plan available!



 Lynette Rempel

 Office Manager, Producer

Lynette Rempel was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. She attended Travel & Transport travel school just after graduating from high school and became a travel agent. In 2001, after switching career focus, she worked in the Insurance industry for agencies such as American Reliable Flood, AFLAC, State Farm, and Allstate, giving her over 11 years of experience in the travel and insurance industry. During this time, Lynette and her husband, Shadrach, moved to Colorado.  She joined the Insurance Consultants International team in 2011. Lynette brings her experience and excellent leadership skills to ICI. She is the office manager and serves the needs of travelers taking short and long term trips throughout the world. Lynette is on the board for Yobel International and is the co-founder of the Refugee Resource Center.  In 2010, she and her husband decided to foster children instead of having their own, and have welcomed 3 sisters from Burma, 3 siblings from Nepal, and 5 sisters from Sudan into their family. Email Lynette


Alicia Cox

Licensed Insurance Specialist

Alicia Cox was born and raised in Sonoma, California and College Station,Texas.  She graduated from Texas A&M University with a major in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Sciences- Youth Development. After graduating from Texas A&M, Alicia worked as a teacher and missionary in China for four years where she met her husband, Kyle, who also taught and served in China. They moved back to America in July 2017, got married the following month, and moved to Colorado shortly after. They are loving the mountains, low humidity, and beautiful weather Colorado has to offer. Alicia joined the Insurance Consultants Team in 2017.  In her free time, Alicia enjoys photography, reading, college football (Gig Em Aggies), and getting outside any chance she can get. Email Alicia